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We are a fast growing telecommunication services company
inviting professionals to fulfill below challenging positions:
VSAT Engineer
-     Work with End User, Customers, Sub-contractors and internal parties in an integrated manner to assist operation and maintain all delivered elements, performance of preventive and corrective maintenance service (Operator, Intermediate and Depot levels) for the delivered VSAT systems on-site to the satisfaction of the major stakeholders.  Seek direction for engineering and maintenance implementation decisions where required.
-     Ensure stable and reliable operation and maintenance of all systems, acceptable to End User, Customers, and internal parties; without incurring additional engineering cost and resources; and not exceeding planned project budget.  Complete tasks within schedule.  Cooperate with all parties to work in a smooth and aligned manner to meet the project goals.
-     Provide regular reporting, escalation of issues, some of which can be foreseen and/or may arise on-site. Escalate issues to the appropriate parties for follow-up action and need-to-know basis.
-     Ensure that delivered systems continue to meet overall system performance, requirements and quality standards.
-     Provide day-to-day coordination, liaison, control and supervision of the technical efforts being undertaken by all sub-contractors and suppliers.  Provisioning of direction and support to the sub-contractors in all technical aspects related to system maintenance. Supervise and assess the performance of sub-contractor(s).
-     Plan and conduct scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities with End User and Customers.
Requirements and Competencies:
-      Bachelor/master degree in Computer Science. Electrical, or telecommunication Engineering, with min GPA 3,00.
-      At least 4 years relevant experience in electrical, electronics, &/or communication systems.
-      Previous project management experience required, ideally in a service delivery or system/network integration environment.
-      Satellite C-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band RF Terminals, HPA (3 Watt to 100 Watt), SSPA, RF converter, Up/Down converters, transceiver, LNA, LNB and LNC all hardware testing and repairing on modules level as well as components level.
-      Components Level and Modules Level Repairing of all VSAT Equipments ( Radio frequency Transceivers, Digital Modems  and Network operation Digital Equipments).
-      People management skills / experience, excellent team player.
-      Strong interpersonal, problem solving, analytical and communication skill.
-      Excellent written and verbal communications skills required, should demonstrate the ability to summarize data sufficiently.
-      Fluent English language (written, spoken and communicated).
-      Computer knowledge (MS Office, MS PM, Visio, etc).
 If you are interested in career opportunity with us, please submit your CV/resume and recent photograph, not later than April 30, 2009 by email to:
lowongan KeRjA

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