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Garuda Group, a group of companies in the field of food and beverage brands strong (Garuda Peanut, Jelly Okky, Gery biscuits), consumer goods integrated Distributor (Sinar sejahtera commerce) and plantations (Bumi Mekar Tani).

Sales Manager
(Jabodetabek & West Java)


* Keep S1 level in each discipline at the University of the prestigious CPM 3.00 min
* At least 4 years experience of the experience, preferably drinking Jabodetabek distribution and West Java
* Willing to travel intense

Packaging Spesialist
(Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan)


* Hold Technical Degree in chemistry or chemistry
* At least 3 years in the same position of the packaging or preferably Food & Beverage Industry
* Have skill and knowledge management in the research and application Packaging Development
* Responsible the contents of the packaging and packaging of raw materials
* A good communication and skill of the team Player
* Willing to travel intense

General Manager
(Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan)


* At least 5 years of experience in the fast-food restaurant Premium / Bakery Outlet Operation Manager / Store Manager
* With skill and knowledge in the development bussinnes / Business Plan, marketing and financial report
* Fluent, both orally and in writing, in English or Mandarin
* Willing to travel intensivelly

Legal Supervisor
(Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Selatan)


* Keep S1 / S2 major Degree in Legal PGA 3.00 min
* At least 3 years of experience in the same position
* Energic, dynamic, good analysis thingking willing to travell, Good communication skill, Proficient written in English oral
* Is a good understanding and experience in legal education mattres
* Proven expertise in the preparation of legal documents and contract law

Interested candidates, please write or online and detailed. Closing Date: 17-4-08

Interested candidates, please write online or in a detailed curriculum vitae to:

Recruitment Department
PT Garudafood
Wisma Garudafood
Jl Bintaro Raya No.10A
Tanah Kusir, Jakarta Selatan 12240
E-mail: recruitment@garudafood.com  
Website: www.garudafood.com 

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