Informasi Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT DH Power; 18 Posisi

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PT DH Power; 18 positions


PT DH Power, a group company of PT Darma Henwa Tbk, in collaboration with the international partners, produces and supplies electricity and alternative energy, such as coal-to-liquid/ coal-to-gas/ upgraded brown coal to power utilities and industries. The Company is urgently seeking professionals to fill following positions at Headquarter in Jakarta.

1. Chief Operation Officer (Project Management) (Code: COO)
Responsible for construction and operation of power stations.

2. Chief Technology Officer (Engineering, Construction, O & M) (Code: CTO)
Directs engineering, construction, operation and maintenance as well as research & development.

3. Chief Business Development Officer (Code: CBDO)
Coordinates purchase of input (goods and services) and sales of output of power plant operations to power and industry companies.

4. Chief Legal Counsel/Head of External Affairs (Code: CLC/HE)
Leads corporate legal environment, occupational safety/health and human resources functions.

5. Chief Risk Officer/Chief Governance Officer (Code: CRO/CGO)
Develop policies and directs application of good corporate governance and risk minimization as well as to coordinate procurement/ outsourcing.

6. Corporate Secretary (Code: CS)
Manages internal/external business communications.

7. Manager - Tax and Accounting (Code: TA)
Coordinate accounting process and financial reports, to review tax provisions and develop tax strategy, as well as to administer government tax report & liabilities.

8. Manager - Financial Analysis & Modeling (Code: FAM)
Coordinate financial analysis and modeling in order to visualize revenue, growth and financial losses.

9. Manager - Investment Risk Management (Code: FAM)
Assess financial risks of investment and develop program to minimize.

10. Managers – Commercial (Power, Industrial, Alternative Energy) (Code: C)
Implement business plan/strategy in order to develop business with partners and clients.

11. Manager – Business Analysis and Modeling (Code: BAM)
Collects internal and external data/government regulations to develop market studies and prepare business modeling.

12. Manager - Community & External Affairs (Code: CEA)
Responsible for acquiring permits/licenses, maintaining community and government relationships.

13. Manager - Procurement & Outsourcing (Code: PO)
Administers procurement, outsourcing and bidding process.

14. Project Managers (Code: P)
Supervise plant construction and operation.

15. Manager – Engineering (Code: E)
Coordinates engineering functions applicable to construction, operation and maintenance.

16. Manager - Operation & Maintenance (Code: OM)
Responsible for uninterrupted plant operation by managing groups of operation, maintenance and other relating functions.

17. Manager – IT (Code: IT)
Manages Information Technology (IT) delivery to support business and operation.

18. Secretary (Code: S)
Provides administrative and secretarial support (Graduates from eg. Tarakanita are preferred).

Please send your CV with photograph as soon as possible by email to

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