Lowongan Eka Tjipta Foundation; Web Developer

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About Eka Tjipta Foundation
Eka Tjipta Foundation (ETF) is a nonprofit organization founded by Eka
Tjipta Widjaja family which aims to improve quality of life, welfare
and foster self-supporting society by providing sustainable
contribution through various programs that are economically viable,
socially equitable and environmentally sustainable. This vision is
clearly reflected in our motto “good deeds create good seeds†, and to
accomplish this we focus our programs in education sector,
environmental conservation as well as alternative energy empowerment.

We are looking for young, dynamic and passionate web application
developer for our Jakarta headquarter office.

Male or female
Under 28 years old
Minimum diploma degree
Minimum 1 year of web programming experience
Fluency in PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and XHTML language
Type fast
Master unix based operating system such as Linux or Mac OS X

To apply, send your latest resume, photo, a URL link or screenshots of
any web based applications you've developed to charles@ekatjiptafoundation.org  

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teguh - 5 Desember 2011 19.24

maaf pak mau tanya, bagi mahasiswa yang baru wisuda dan belum menerima ijazah bisa ikut seleksi atau tidak?

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